Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Red Necklace

Paris, 1789. The populace is stewing and revolution against the king and aristocracy is brewing. Against this backdrop, we find the heroes and heroine of Sally Gardner's The Red Necklace. At the story's open, Yann Margoza is fourteen and has the remarkable ability to throw his voice and read minds. Even more amazing is the ability of Tetu, his adopted guardian, who can move items without ever touching them. When Yann, Tetu, and the magician they work with are called to the grand estate of a cruel marquis they are pulled into a terrifying race against an evil Count and the outbreak of revolutionary violence to try to save an innocent young girl.

This wonderful story is just itching to be made into a movie. With the follies of the aristocracy, the fantastic elements of Yann and Tetu's talents, the suspense of outrunning the Count (who may be the devil himself), and plenty of young love thrown in, this novel is highly entertaining. Highly recommended for fans of both fantasy and historical fiction. Grades 9 and up.


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