Friday, May 1, 2009

Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron

Lucky returns in this sequel to Newbery winner The Higher Power of Lucky. This time she has a new friend, Paloma, who comes visiting Hard Pan with her geologist uncle. While Lucky is still friends with Miles and Lincoln, she loves having a girlfriend who she can laugh with till their sides hurt. Of course, Lucky stays true to form from the first book and there is an adventure and a crisis to be overcome, and she has to deal with her relationship with Lincoln becoming different as they grow older. Lucky continues to grow, as does Lincoln, and their friendship faces the changes that come with impending adolescence. Patron's characterization is just as strong as in the first book, and Paloma and Lucky's newfound friendship is delightful to read about. A strong follow-up, and highly recommended for ages 9 to 12.

(And yes, there is another mention of poor Roy and his snake-bitten scrotum. I wonder if Patron put it in there just to make a point. I hope so.)

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